Services We Provide


As consultants we will work from first principles and help you establish a people development strategy that sits at the heart of your wider organisational plan. The purpose of such a strategy is to ensure your organisation is equipped to meet the challenges it faces in the near term and get ready for the future. Such plans do require an investment in both time and money and this should be wisely spent. Knowing what is important to your organisation and how people development approaches contribute is crucial to sustaining performance into the future. A People Strategy enables you to know where to invest and enables priorities to be drawn. We can help you think this through for the first time or help you review the plans you have in place. We enjoy working with internal team members adding our capabilities to theirs to deliver the optimum solution for you. Where it is appropriate we like to integrate what exists already in your organisation so that you get the most from earlier investments too. Typically a people development strategy will have three key elements: Learning and Development, Change and Engagement and Talent Management approaches. When all three of these work together in unison as part  of a wider business strategy you not only maximise potential and harness capabilities for the future but also attract and retain talent. We are happy to take on long or short term projects, can work remotely or locate with you on a part or full time basis.

Intact Team Development

Cosimo designs development solutions for Intact Teams. We have found that integrating development with the business at hand is the best way to grow busy people; Intact Teams enable this. It’s about getting line of sight between what is learned and what gets done in reality. Small shifts in behaviour caused by learning and insight resulting from this connection lead to change that goes beyond the boundaries of a workshop. We love opportunities to deploy our expertise in this way. Intact Team development is more engaging than traditional learning methods and can create a trickle down effect. This effect, characterised by participants deploying learning and insight with their teams and colleagues is a naturally occurring consequence of Intact Team development. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Delivering In Person as Facilitators or Coaches

As well as consulting we offer both facilitator and coaching services. It is quite possible that a large project will require us to work in all three modes anyway. We can for example deliver the Intact Team events we design ourselves or coach you or the line manager to do them. Where you have programmes established and need facilitator support we are happy to deliver them for you. Intact Team development may also require us to help coach key indivduals outside of the set piece events. This can be highly successful both formally with a contracted coaching session or informally through the design process.

Facilitator expertise is based around 36 competencies and 12 key processes honed over 25 years of practice. Our coaching approaches are very flexible too, we can operate to your preferred models or default to the much loved GROW model, we love to use frameworks like the heroes journey but have also been known to adapt technical processes to form the framework for discussion. Its why we are passionate about being innovative.