Engineer and Chief Executive Officer

24% of the best 100 performing CEO’s have an engineering degree. I enjoyed reading the November Harvard Business Review article on the 100 best CEO’s in the world. The survey measured the tangibles of shareholder return and market capitalisation; an engineer would approve I suspect. Seven of the top 25 had engineering degrees and yes Read more

Breadth and the Functional Specialist

Specialist and breadth; seems a bit contradictory. When researching functional specialist development I came across this wonderful TED talk. I liked it because it dealt with breadth and the functional specialist through the lens of becoming a scientist. This short video gives advice to young scientists and attempts to inspire them with how to make Read more

Specialist and Technical Leaders – Heroes of our Time

Specialist & Technical leaders face huge challenges in the corporate world. The very strengths that have made them fantastic individual contributors can be the undoing of them when leading others. Experience shows that when individuals are promoted from having strong technical specialist backgrounds organisations expect them to carry on being technically excellent. This is often Read more