Dawn as Executive Coach

Coaching is about creating a safe space for clients to explore their ambitions, opportunities and challenges. Our personal and professional growth comes from knowing ourselves and others well, confidence in leveraging our strengths and challenging our old preferences. The ability to bring these together in times of personal transition and change opens up new possibilities.

Dawn‘s professional style and structured approach creates a safe space for clients to explore and experiment; to hone new approaches to emerging opportunities and challenges.

With a coaching capability built on a foundation of broad business experience, Dawn connects quickly with situations Executives face at all levels of their organisation. Clients benefit from this by identifying factors which are critical to their success, exploring the widest range of options before committing to choices which work for them. Dawn challenges clients to use their insights and ideas to generate practical plans.

Dawn has 5 years’ experience in personal, business and executive coaching with clients up to the most senior levels in the private and public sectors.