Sean Pratt

Cosimo 019Sean Pratt has spent a lot of his career developing talent and teams. He worked at Rolls-Royce PLC. During his 23 year career there he made major contributions to leadership development, people engagement and talent management.

He has been at the centre of many flagship change and engagement programmes. Those programmes were the first time this company addressed a desire for a global set of values and behaviours. It went on to address a global leadership approach through another programme. Both of these endured for over a decade.

A more recent example saw Sean develop a programme to equip specialist high potential talent on the journey to being world class. The programme continues to run.

Since changing his career path Sean Pratt has delivered a number of projects for the NHS. These centered on engagement and collaborative working. He has delivered management training into large Engineering Companies and a Biopharmaceutical Company. He has carried out change and engagement projects in Aerospace and learning and Intact Team development in both Nuclear and Aviation industries.

His experience enables him to operate across and at all levels of an organisation.

Sean Pratt is driven to lead as a catalyst for others; to energise and inspire people. He works collaboratively and is supportive of any team he is attached to and is a valuable support to a leader driving change across their teams. Contributions are thought through, innovative and value adding in all he does. This is marked out by a desire to research new ideas and find way of applying that learning to the realities faced by the leaders and teams in their present situation and help them be more effective.

As facilitator, trainer or Coach Sean has a deeply engaging style.


  • BA (Hons) Business Studies
  • Professional Certificate In Training and Development
  • Master Practitioner in the Art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • British Psychological Society Level A & B
  • Hogan Assessment Systems (HPI, HDI, MVPI)
  • 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 1
  • Life Orientations
  • Strength Deployment Inventory


2010 Winner of the Executive Managing Directors Leadership Award – Rolls-Royce Compressor Business

2009 Training Manager of the Year – HR NETWORK National Awards