Meeting Planner by Cosimo

Cosimo’s Meeting Planner. A free gift for those of you surfing through Cosimo’s Blog. We hope it helps you become a better meeting planner. You can measure success by improvements in the willingness of people to come along and contribute to your sessions. The tool has an action oriented feel and is an ideal design Read more

Great another meeting! – Ok where is my phone..

Great another meeting! – Ok where is my phone. We spend a lot of time in meetings but I wonder how much time we spend thinking about them? A meeting is an opportunity for solving problems, informing, sharing and  building cohesive groups and teams. They consume a lot of time which we forget is multiplied Read more

Specialist and Technical Leaders – Heroes of our Time

Specialist & Technical leaders face huge challenges in the corporate world. The very strengths that have made them fantastic individual contributors can be the undoing of them when leading others. Experience shows that when individuals are promoted from having strong technical specialist backgrounds organisations expect them to carry on being technically excellent. This is often Read more