Welcome to our website

Welcome to Cosimo Consulting. Here we provide a summary of our services and approach to indicate what we could do for you. We are a new company; highly experienced and creative providers of bespoke people development solutions. We provide coaching and expert facilitation services, capability framework design and planning. The website will be updated frequently Read more

What and why and … of Capability Planning

Creating an effective capability plan counter intuitively requires more than a focus on skill and knowledge. There are several key areas to address. As Rudyard Kipling wrote “I keep six honest serving-men, they taught me all I knew; their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.” Addressing these questions Read more

Engaging solutions – Aerospace – Case Study 2

A management team brought a multi-million pound business unit back from the brink of calamity. Focusing direct action through hard work and commitment they got everything back on track, it was a tough journey. Like a cardiac arrest patient the lifeline was fragile. The shock of the approach had begun the process of altering habits Read more